Sunday, February 27

It's aint dead ye oldies!

Back at Eilat after a short visit at home. Didn't have a lot of time to watch birds but still got to hear and see some breeding birds around my home: Woodchat Shrike, Corn Bunting& Sardinian Warblers
The Dutch team went on a Negev trip on Friday and scored well! Almost all target species were seen- Coursers, Bustard, Temminck's Lark and more at Nizzana, Syrian Serins at Mizzp'e Ramon, TB Larks at Ha'meyshar plain and a lot more…for the whole report and some photos visit  their Blog(in Dutch…)-
Numbers of birds ringed are rising daily with today's "Seasonal record" of 71birds!
The first Ruppell's Warbler for the season was caught- an adult female. Weirdly, this bid didn't show any trace of dark throat.

A spectacular male Bluethroat was caught today; this bird shows a pure white throat spot-a Cyanecula ssp. feature. Cyanecula is a scarce passage migrant in Israel. 

The day ended with some 24 swallows ringed at roost. Among them were 3 Red Rumped Swallows- the first to be ringed this season. Last spring we had one carrying a Greek ring, I wonder what surprises they will bring this year…

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