Tuesday, December 31

Last post for 2013

Today, on the last day of 2013, I went out again to search for the Verreaux's Eagle, which was found last week by visiting Dutch birders (Dirk Hilers et al) in the Eilat Mt's. Unfortunately I couldn't find one (I've seen one back in 1989 and never since in Israel), but in stead had a great wet morning in the desert...
This is a very rare bird in Israel and every few years we have a single report from the Eilat Mt's of a lone bird which is probably coming from the Sinai where they might still breed?!  
Yesterday while guiding, I found a nice Asian Desert Warbler and a group of 10 Sinai Rosefinchs (including 1 male). 
And a nice male Pallid Harrier was zooming very fast in Yotveta fields where at least 2 Oriental Skylarks were seen and heard.
This obliging Barbary Falcon was eating on my way to Eilat this morning.

I wish all of you a great and prosperous new year.

While there are many changes to come soon, I hope and wish all a great birding year also in 2014.