Friday, March 25

17-25 March 2016

It's been hectic around here with Thick-billed Larks, Temminck's Larks and many other desert specials. But the raptor migration is really the main issue now as well as some nice passerine migration...

Steppe Buzzards over Eilat

Dead-sea Sparrow

Eastern Orphean Warbler

Tuesday, March 15

6-15 March 2016

Many migrants are here already and every day some new arrivals join the party...

Tuesday, March 1

21-29 Feb' 2016

After 10 days of guiding in Tanzania, I'm back and already managed to go out and enjoy out with the Eilat-Eilot Bird Club.
The Kurdish Wheatear is still present and reports of Syrian Serins, Cyprus & Ruppell's Warblers are coming in. Many Steppe Eagles are crossing daily and 2 species of Scops Owls are present.
Soon the Rock Thrush (this photographed in Tanzania 15 days ago) will appear. 
Pallid Scops Owl

Eurasian Scops Owl

Rock Thrush (Lake Eyasi, Tanzania)