Timing your visit

Excellent birding can be enjoyed year-round around Eilat with Green-backed, Western Reef Herons and White-eyed Gull as well as Pied Kingfisher present around North Beach; Barbary Falcon, Spur-winged Plover, Lichtenstein’s Sandgrouse, Namaqua Dove and Little Green Bee-eater can be found along the K19-20 ponds; Sand Partridge, Bar-tailed and Desert Larks, as well as Pale Crag Martin, Blackstart, Desert, Hooded and White-crowned Black Wheatears can all be found in the wadies and Acacia Woodlands and desert plains alongside with Scrub and Arabian Warblers

Arabian Babbler, Palestine Sunbird, Tristram’s Grackle, Indian Silverbill and Indian House Crow are all residents of the agricultural landscapes surrounding Eilat.

In addition to this host of attractive residents, Spring migration is evident from mid-January When the first Steppe Eagles appear to early June when many Masked Shrikes are still passing by and the pick of migration is usually between mid March to mid May. For the last 7 years, the Israel Ornithological Centre has organised the Spring Migration Festival with many guided tours, evening lectures and a checklist of over 220 birds in only one week...

During Autumn, migrants start showing up between late June when the first Waders arrive and can be witnessed up to mid-December when Eurasian Cranes are still passing south.

Even at the height of summer when temperatures soar above 40 degrees (C), fabulous seawatching off Eilat north beach offers a relaxing alternative with many great species like White-cheeked, Bridled and Lesser Crested Terns as well as the rare Red-billed Tropicbird and many other pelagic crackers.