Meet the team

Up until recently, Itai Shanni has been the Israel Ornithological Centre - Eilat & Arava regional coordinator. Since January 2014 Itai has opened Alaemon Birding and he is working to promote bird and habitat conservation throughout this area and as a very experienced field surveyor, was incharge of the monitoring scheme for the IOC in the region, Today Itai is coordinator of the environmental issues and the Ecologist of the Eilot county (where most of out birding is done anyway...) 
Itai's passion for birds has took him to Africa, where he used to reside and now he also acts as a member of the East African Rarities Committee. Other than birds and Africa, Itai has grown a real passion for Odonata watching and he is always happy to get others into the subject. 

Over the years, many have contributed to this blog namely: Re'a Shaish, who also co-founded it with me, Avi MeirYotam Lenhardt, Shachar Shalev and many volunteers who came to the IBRCE as well.