Tuesday, January 3

Samar Dunes

Yesterday I went to document the sad story of the sand dunes in Samar. Due to politics, the contractor has started to dig out sand (1-2 trucks a day for now) only because the Israel Land Administration is not willing to pay back the permit fees to the contractor who is willing to get out from there without digging the sand and all the green organisations  who have huge public support are also against this digging...

On my way back, I stopped at K33 to try and get my spirit back after seeing the injustice that is occurring under our hands...
Luckily as I arrived, I found a nice male Desert Wheatear and not much later a small pale  Sylvia was also jumping around in the bushes. This was clearly an Asian Desert Warbler which is known to follow DW during winter from a strange reason...

Staying a little longer around, revealed another ADW  and a group of 12 Trumpeter Finchs.
Here's another photo, taken by Shay Kabessa of one of these wonderful ADW a day later at the same place

Toady, I went again to the dunes to try and see how do animals react to the digging, and not surprisingly I found many tracks of Gerbilus spec as well as Red Foxes and what looks like Stone Curlew

On my out, a trio of Hoopoe Larks were running next to me as if they were trying to say something also about this sad situation.
  hope that this is not the end of the story for these dunes and that we will be able to enjoy them in the future when our politicians will come to their senses again.