Tuesday, October 15

Here we go again...

It has been a while and during the last month or so much as changed...
I've had a great trip to the Caucasus and seen many interesting species including few new ones. Around Eilat; Shachar, Ilan, Noa, Avi, Sylvia, the Shiff's and all the rest of the local birders have done great job and found many nice species and have had a great migration going through and now that I'm back I will try and get more updates from what is going on around here. 
Yesterday and today were the first real birding opportunities I had since I've been back last week and indeed things are moving through.
Today while guiding the Kinrys's and Schwartz's from Canada a group of 7-10 Thick-billed Larks were seen at Uvda along side with many Bar-tailed and Desert Larks.

Also 5 species of Wheatears, many Whinechats and many Yellow and mostly White Wagtails as well as the first Water Pipit (which really do look so much different from those on the high Caucasus).
A beautiful Striated Heron was a very nice surprise at Yotveta sewage. 

Yesterday a short afternoon stroll around Yotveta, on top of the group of Lesser Kestrels a nice Hobby and an Ad Steppe Eagle were also seen around (thanks for Batumi Birder and Bark for pointing out my mistake here). 

At K20 there are loads of waders and the black Flamingo is still present (since last October). But the best one was found today, a cracking White-tailed Plover which seems to be very friendly and tame (or just tired?!)