Sunday, November 11

Its a raining day...

Friday morning I had a free morning and I decided to check what is going on around the Arava. I started in Samar where a nice adult female Isabeline Shrike was a good start and there were both Caspian and  Eurasian Stonechats (at least a couple of each). 

The big numbers of Water Pipits arrived at last and they are now all over the place joining the Red-throated and few Meadow Pipits

Later in Yotveta circular fields, few Desert and Northern Wheatears as well as more Pipits and White Wagtails and singles of each TawnyRichard's Pipit
Strangely none of the seed-eaters groups arrived yet and there are only 3 Corn Buntings around..Earlier this week together with Shay Kabessa, we also had a 1st winter male Pied Wheatear there, but i could not re-locate it now. A nice male Hen Harrier and 2 Barbary Falcons were a nice supplement instead...

One returning (?) male 'semirufus' Black Redstart was found in the Acacia woodland which were also teaming with Sardinian Warblers and few Chiffchaffs (nothing striped though...) Over all, there is a feeling of emptiness and I hope that soon things will change.  

In the Afternoon a massive rain cloud hit Eilat and within 45 minutes 14-16 mm or rain were falling over Eilat. mind you that this is 70% of the annual rainfall. the damage was very big and even at the IBRCE it will take some time before we will be able to restore.

Wishing us a great winter and hope that soon more birds will appear. Meanwhile we have these wonderful desert residents to put some colours in our eyes...

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