Wednesday, November 14

Dunn's Lark and other nice birds around

Today started with a great surprise.
I had a visit from the USA in late morning and that made me a whole of 1.5 hours to enjoy birding. Since this is November (the month we birders, in Israel live for), anything is possible anywhere...

I started at K33 and had the first Asian Desert Warbler singing next to Desert Wheatear.  
when i reached Elifaz fields, at last I found the first group of Skylarks feeding happily and not far from them was this wonderful Dunn's Lark which is always a great bird in Israel and a wonderful way to open the morning. A single Olive-backed Pipit was another great bird to finish this part of the morning. 
Later at the IBRCE after finishing my guiding, I had another Olive-backed Pipit flying over towards the northern date plantation of Eilot. Since Juan, Manolo and Yoatm left (last week of October) not much ringing is going on and in fact we only ring when I have the time to come there and open the nets (which is not more than once a week).

Last Monday I had a free one hour in the morning and I was joined by Noa Eden, so we went for a round in the Helgoland traps and found 4 birds of 3 species...

The next morning I opened the nets and we had 30 birds - mainly Chiffchaffs and Bluethroats (altogether 7 species) but I was very pleased to get also few Sardinian Warblers (1 old female which was ringed back in 2009) and the latest ever Marsh Warbler I ever encountered... 

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