Friday, January 17

Signs of hope...

The current monitoring work which was designed, is aiming to give some more specific insight about migration along the Arava but also to check target breeding species.

Over the last 10 years numbers of Arabian Warblers have dropped dramatically in the Arava and in fact in the last breeding season, I could not locate even one breeding pair around the southern Arava. one of my monitoring polygons is targeting this species and yesterday while there, after a long disappearance (for me at least), I've found a pair hanging around the traditional breeding site. I could not get a proper photo, but a good sight indeed which gave me a big smile and a reason for hope once again...

other that that it was very usual with Little Green Bee-eaters, Palestine Sunbirds, Crowned Sandgrouses, Dorcas Gazelles and all the other regular/ common species for the season.
Lichtenstein's Sandgrouses are also being spotted coming to drink in K19 but also in other new sites, which once again gives some more reason for hope for the species. 

On Wed' I had an early morning in North beach and managed to find the Black-throated Diver flying and than swimming far away from the coast and a distant Brown Booby which also hasn't been around for some time now...

stay tuned as more updates  will follow soon.

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