Thursday, August 29

Wake me up when September comes?!

Green day punk band have almost got their lyrics right as it should have been - wake me up when September comes! 

After a long and hot summer it is very refreshing to see many migrants arriving on a daily basis with many juv individual among them. Eilat area is not at its best during Autumn with regards to numbers but nevertheless there are many interesting species and some big flocks do come down using this route as well.

Over the last few days numbers of Ringed Plovers, Little Stints, Ruffs, Redshanks, Wood and Green Sandpipers have shown nice dynamics while other species like Greenshanks, Rudy TurnestoneBroad-billed Sandpipers and even a lone Red-necked Phalarope can be seen in the right habitats and still there are new generation of Spur-winged Plovers to rise...

Arrival of Yellow Wagtails and Sand Martins has also been very evident likewise Greater Flamingos numbers which have started to rise. Eastern Orphean Warblers and Lesser Whitethroats are jumping in the Acacia's alongside with Eastern Olivacous and Reed Warblers as well as Lesser Grey, Red-backed & Masked Shrikes.

And as always it is great to see these huge Pelicans with the local background...
On North Beach one can still see big numbers of White-cheeked Terns but also some Armenian and the first Baltic Gulls and new arrivals of local breeders like this Western Reef Heron.

September usually marks the time when temp' are falling a little which allows more hours out in the field scanning for the new arrivals. So please do, wake me up when September come!

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