Monday, September 10

Paddyfield Warbler!

What a great Autumn this is turning to be...

This morning when I came to the IBRCE ringing station, I met with Juan and Manuel. together with them was Amihud Naor, a visiting birder from Jerusalem who used to be the resident zoologist around Eilat, between 1971-1986...
As I approached, Juan ask me to identify a bird in a bag he was handing me, saying that this may be a Blyth's Reed Warbler. I looked at the bird and all I could see was a Reed Warbler which had a longer supercilium than the usual... and than, Juan said "but we also have, what we think is a Paddyfield Warbler" handing me another bag.
I looked at Juan trying to understand if this is going to be another "ringers joke", took the bag and indeed inside was a beautiful adult Paddyfield Warbler! which was caught 5 minutes before I came at the pond. What a great beginning for this Autumn! If I'm not wrong, this is only Israel's 8th Paddyfield Warbler!
 Other than this bird, there is a good wave of Red-backed Shrikes & Willow Warblers, a single Thrush Nightingale and White-breasted Kingfisher were also trapped this morning while Golden Orioles, Spotted Flycatchers, Whitethroats, Garden Warblers are all seen (some caught) almost daily.

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