Thursday, March 17

Wild night out

esterday afternoon we pulled on our rubber boots and headed off to the canal east of the IBRCE. We noted some waders concentrations there during the last week or so.

This site was once a highly productive ringing site with some excellent firsts for Israel caught.
While we spread our nets across the  canal  the birds seemed eager to have a shiny new ring and before all nets were erected we had 2 Temminck's Stints in bags.
Somehow they always look so gloomy in hand…

To our joy more canal specialities were to follow- a Spotted Redshank! This species is seldom ringed in Israel and was a new hand species for all of us.

3 of its cousins were caught, all in a beautiful summer plumage:

2 Little Ringed Plover also respected us with their presence. Again a species which is considered quite "hard to get" in hand, in Israel.

Bram and Roni working on the birds…

To sum up the session-a long legged guest!

The bunch...

The last few days of day ringing also provided us with some nice birds- some Eastern Orphean Warbler:

A flock of 4 Arabian Babblers was caught today. This is the male with it's diagnostic pale eye-

And for comparison 1 out  of 3 females ( I guess he is heaving a lot of fun…. )

Cretzschmar's Bunting is allways a nice bird.

 This Great Reed warbler is probably of the nominate race…still waiting for the XXX to show up!

Long Eared Owl from the morning traps round.

A male Palestine Sunbird was a great celebration for the euro guys

AKA Orange tufted –

Rosemary & Ian from Britain joined us for 11 days, Welcome aboard! Together with Teun they found today a Cyprus Wheatear at k76!
I will not be at the IBRCE for 2-3 days and Itai will send update if anything good shows up.    

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