Tuesday, March 1

More migrants

The Passerines migration is not really in full steam yet, but during the last two days we have still enjoyed some nice birds at the IBRCE. Yesterday we caught the first Isabelline Wheatear for the season and today we had another one.

 A nice male Rüeppell's Warbler was also caught this morning and soon we expect many more Sylvia warblers to come and jump around inside the bushes.

The biggest surprise, though appeared when Tzadok came back from Ovda airport with Kamen. 
Yesterday i received a report from the INPA rangers about a big raptor that is attacking people on the Ovda compound (with 3 people injured so far). I asked Tsadok to try and catch it today, and surely he did...
As they came back, they had the most beautiful adult Long-legged Buzzard with them! What a nice pale morph bird.

Thanks to Roni, Toun, Bramf and Kamen for helping us so much!
March has started and soon we should have new birds arriving daily, so stay tuned!

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