Thursday, March 3

It's right on time

Last Monday Tammo and Fabian made their way back to Holland, after a week at the IBRCE and southern Israel. Thank you guys for the help and good time. Hope to see you back at Eilat!

 Fabian runs a great birding blog- Trip repot and photos will be available soon-check it out!

I was up north for the last two days for non-birding stuff(A Gogol Bordello show…), but found  time for some birdwatching as well- on Tuesday I joined Yoav for the Nizzana Atlas's first day of the season. We had some good specialties,  for the whole report visit Yoav's Blog-
A cameraman in action!

Back at the IBRCE this morning ringing was slow due to strong wind. Nevertheless the first Balkan warbler Was ringed-

The guys having a moment with the warbler

We were proud to host our national bird!

The first good passage of Steppe Eagles took place with some 350 bids, most of which were flying low overhead and gave great views. Among them some 15 Steppe Buzzards and a Black kite- the noose carpet  is almost ready!
Bram and Teun spotted two little Swifts among some pallid and common , great find! Photos will be posted on their blog -
Itai had two Excellent lark days at the southern Negev and Arava- he will post the summary later.
Tomorrow a new day!


  1. Very nice blog and pictures! I will keep my eye on it from time to time!

    Check out my new birding blog:

  2. hi man,
    nice blog!

    i really can't imagine any snow...writing from Eilat!