Saturday, March 12

Ahoy mates! welcome aboard...

Hi all,
Sorry for the long time with no post. On Thursday I joined Avi Meir and Itai for a morning pelagic tour off Eilat's north beach and got to view and process all the 550 frames only now…
Anyway, watching gulls up close in the soft early light was a real pleasure, especially compared to seeing the same birds far away and through heat waves as I'm used... thank you Avi for the invitation and amazing opportunity!
Black Headed Gulls were in abundant!

Our beloved White Eyed Gulls also played it!

This huge Heuglin's Gull got his respect as the biggest boy around.

And with Eilat in the background.

Slender Bills are on the move…

And looking better than ever!

Had some doubts with this one, any help?

A Sandwich Tern joined the party.

The sea is really coming in to life. During the last week the first Skuas were seen, hundreds of Slender bills, and Baltic gulls passing, 4 Pallas's Gulls yesterday, and some more Sandwich and Common Terns around. Ducks flocks are seen daily with most being Garganys, Shovelers and Pintails. Tapio & Arne of Finland had a flock of 10 Oystercatchers yesterday's afternoon. One of the largest flocks ever recorded at Eilat!
Sylvia Warblers are everywhere with  Ruppell's caught daily among the Lesser Whitethroats.  Subalpine Warblers were seen at Holland Park, IBRCE, Evrona during the last week.
Some Beautifull birds caught at the IBRCE- a Woodchat Shrike

And a male Ehrenberg's Redstart.

Among the non feathered creatures, the reptiles are warmed up and went into action! Some Saw-scaled Vipers(Echis coloratus) seen active.
This amazing little Sand Geko(Tropicolotes nattereri) was found by Teun and Bram while fixing traps. It's hard to believe, but this is an adult!

More news will hopefully be posted soon!  

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