Wednesday, February 6

Migration kickstart

When we use the phrase "Spring Migration" around here we usually think about the period between mid Feb- mid May. During this period we use to see the big numbers of migrants of all sorts and species going through this wonderful area.
Last week we had very wet (in Eilat standards) weekend which was followed by nice and dry 2-3 days and today again, floods throughout the Southern Arava and the IBRCE park, yet again has lost its main road for the 3rd time this winter...

Since last Thursday we had 2 visiting birders from Denmark, Silas Olofson and Turkey, Emin Yoğurtcuoğlu who were eager to see all the area specialities and rare migrants. Unnaturally for them, the Storm of last weekend have made many changes and it was hard to relocate both the long staying Dunn's Lark and trio Buff-bellied Pipits, but their lenses have caught a great variety of species which our area is blessed with and also few early migrants which are already on the move like Pallid Swifts, Steppe Eagles. Undoubtedly the stars were a very big surprise to all - 5 very early Egyptian Nightjars which are usually seen around only from late February. Below is a small collection from Silas and Emin 5 days in the region.  




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  1. I miss Eilat; all that lives there and tranquillity....birds, dolphins, people, - peace....