Tuesday, February 19

even the Seychelles can't compete with the migration around Eilat...

While temperatures are rising and the desert is getting nicer with huge amount of flowers in full bloom (mainly different shades of Blue), after this massive rain we had over this winter (60 mm in an area where the average annual rainfall is only around the 20, this is what I call massive), I find myself in a "Zugunruhe" at most times and despite the many tasks before the season and the coming Spring Migration Festival, my head is in a constant search for movements and shades in the bushes.... 

Roy Talbi reported last week of another Pallid Scops Owl from Hai-bar Yotveta and there are also reports from Wadi Shlomo

Last Friday I gave a lecture on  bird migration for guides to be in Sde Boker. As I was driving there already on the Thursday, I stopped en route to check if the Egyptian Nightjars are still present and sure did I find at least 3 different individuals flying in the fields! 
After the lecture I drove back home and stopped at the Meishar where I flushed out of nowhere a male Maqcueens Bustard. These birds should be on breeding territories now thus I didn't stay long and am looking forward to come again and see if it is the case?

Today I was join by Morten Christensen from Denmark and we had a great morning with amazing looking Sinai Rosefinches 
Later in Ovda Valley  we looked in vein for larks and all we could find are groups of Crowned & Spotted Sandgrouses, Isabeline, White-crowned, Desert & Finch's Wheatears a first Tawny Pipit for the season and a pair of Thick-billed Larks which looked very much into breeding already. In Yotveta we couldn't find any interesting bird except two firsts for the season - 'feldegg' Yellow Wagtail and Common Whitethroat.

After leaving Morten back in his hotel I decided that it is about time to spot the first  Ruppell's Warbler and right on the spot a nice 2nd calendar male was waiting for me!

So despite being dumped in the last minute by our main bird ringer for this season, I'm sure that it will prove once again, that even the Seychelles can't compete with the migration around  Eilat...

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  1. Awesome collection of birds!!! Thanks for sharing your part of the world. I hope to see these birds someday!