Saturday, January 19

Signs of Spring

It is mid January already and there are many signs of Spring which will soon arrive.
Steppe Eagles are already on the move - singles are seen daily and like each year, I wonder where are they heading so early when everything is still frozen up north?
Asian Desert and Spectacled Warblers are found in many corners of the Arava and up in the air there are constant calls and shrills of Pallid Swifts on migration while at least 3 Great Spotted Cuckoo's were seen both in Eilat and around Samar.

2 different Steppe Shrikes were photographed over the last week around the Arava, I wonder if they represent early movements?!

Last Thursday I had a free hour around Samar and i went to check if the Little Owl is still present. While I could not locate it, I had a great opportunity to study the differences of Water and Buff-bellied Pipits at Samar turf fields with no less than 3 of the later present among roughly 100 Water Pipits.
Water Pipit
Buff-bellied Pipit
 Today, Yaniv found the Little Owl again at the same spot...


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