Saturday, February 9

Pallid Scops Owl and more

This morning, I went to do some ringing at the IBRCE in order to check where do we stand with migration?! I was joined by Noa, Tzadok and many kids and visitors who came to enjoy a great weather and wonderful array of birds.

Altogether we've ended the morning with some 30 birds of 11 species including some early migrants like Savi's and Sedge Warblers, few wintering species like Bluethroats, Chiffchafs and Sardinian Warblers and also few residents like Palm Doves, Spanish Sparrows and Graceful Prinia.
Savi's Warbler
Sedge Warbler
Galya, (Liat's daughter) releasing a Chiffchaf
The most welcoming catch though, was a beautiful Pallid Scops Owl which was found during the first trap round. The bird had all the classic features and it created a great happiness with all the helpers and visitors... 

No white spots on the forhead
Feathers extending to toes 

Throughout the day there was also a very slow passage of  Steppe Eagles and also huge numbers of Vagrant Emperor and Painted Lady flying throughout...
Painted Lady  

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