Wednesday, August 8

August updates...

August is here and there are migrants all around.
Waders are getting more and more diverse though still in low numbers (tens of each) and on top of the species that I saw already earlier during July, there are new arrivals like Greenshanks, Marsh Sandpipers & the first Curlew Sandpipers.

Little Terns numbers have dropped but still there are few hanging around flying with growing numbers of White-cheeked Terns at N. beach. Surprisingly, a single White-cheeked Tern was seen today also on K20,flying around the 22 Caspian Terns which are present there for some time.

The first White Storks were seen on the first week of August (10-12 birds were seen in different places including these pair at Samar Sewage). First Eurasian Cuckoo's were reported from Samar (Yaniv Basher) and there are growing numbers of raspy "tick's" in the bushes coming from the Eastern Orphean Warblers.

Sooty Falcons are doing well so far and I've already located 2 new possible territories which I will have to re-check later in the season to see if they are being occupied by a breeding pair.

One of my personal favourite Autumn signals arrived on August 6th when I had my first Yellow Wagtails (feldegg) for the season at K20. This species is breeding in very small numbers in Northern Israel (Hula Valley) and usually picks around Eilat only around the last two weeks of August, so it wasn't too surprising to see them, but still very pleasant.

Late afternoon, today, while walking with the dog and the kids, there was a nice strong southern wind. The combination of this time of year with these weather conditions may become very fruitful at North beach, so tomorrow morning I will try my luck there and hopefully will have some goodies to report later. Mean while, enjoy this wonderful atmosphere photo from K20 during this morning.


  1. Nice shot, with the 'mirrored' mountains..

    Laurie -

  2. Especially the last photo makes me want to go back.. :)