Tuesday, August 14


Over the last 5-6 months there are constant talks in the Israeli and international media about Iran and its nuclear program. Governments have fallen and many words were spoken pro and con the Iran issue.
This morning, I received a photo form a local Eilat photographer - Shimon Shiff, who said that he think he was looking on an Irania (the Hebrew name of White-throated Robin) in one of Eilat public gardens. Indeed this was a juv' Irania, which is probably on his way south after breeding somewhere between Mt. Hermon and Turkey - Iran. Well done Shimon for changing the nuclear issue from Iran and letting us taste some goodies from this wonderful ornithological area.

Later this evening I will head north to the British Bird Fair in Rutland (Marque 2 Stand 50-51) in order to promote the Eilat Bird Festival. Just before I leave home, I went for a short visit at North beach and K20 and found nothing new, except for the "regular" waders (Greenshanks, Little Stints, Ringed Plovers, Marsh Sandpipers, Redshanks...) and Terns (Caspian, White-cheeked) which were reported earlier this month already. A first Whiskered Tern for the season was the only nice addition.

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