Saturday, May 7

Gulf of Aqaba

On Fri' morning i went out to the sea with Avi Meir (see our side bar for his photos...) and Meidad Goren (who now run the Ramat-Negev Birding Centre in Sde-Boker).

in total we had a nice morning with 5-6 Sooty Shearwaters
a "White-chinned" Sooty Shearwater 
ten's of Slender-billed and Baltic Gulls. one of the Baltic's, a 3rd CY bird, seemed to be very aggressive when food is around. it would step on anything on its way to food...

also around were a couple of Scopoli's Shearwaters and a flock of Common, Little and few White-winged Terns.

two Arctic and a single Pomarine Skuas were a nice finale for the morning.
over all a nice morning, but nothing unusual...

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