Wednesday, May 4

another day in the sun

Yesterday's morning was the beginning of a warming up week, which should pick during the weekend…above 40 Celsius degrees predicted!
The morning ringing session was quite good with over 100 birds, most of the still Blackcaps, E.Olivaceous&Reed Warblers with highlights being 2 more Wood Warblers

A Pied Flycatcher

Two Barred Warblers this is a 2nd cy male, that didn't moult any primaries

This one is a 2nd cy female, with the same moult pattern…usually they moult some primaries during the first winter.

And the second Garden Warbler for the season. Usually these birds are quit common during April May.
Noon at the north beach provided the usual stuff(again…) with very good views of 2 Arctic Skuas, one close to shore Sooty Shearwater, and some 90 White Winged Terns.
Just before sunset, Itai informed us about an Icterine Warbler and Upcher's Warbler at Canada Gardens. We raced there, and finally, I got brief view at the Icterine!, tic tac, an Israeli X for me. We also had 6 Wood Warblers there. Man. This place is working well!
Barak found a Great Snipe at Neot Smadar's sewage. A quality bird, with very few records every late spring.
Today things really slowed down with the temperatures rising and birds disappearing…very few birds ringed, with the hughight being yet another common bird which almost absents this spring- a Thrush Nightingale.
The Swedish connection(Simon&Aron) had a Curlew at the beach this afternoon. A good birds in Israel.
A Taiga Flycatcher was trapped at the Jerusalem Birds Observatory this morning. This is the second record for Israel if accepted. The first one was a bird caught at the same place on the 29th April 2007. Good job Guys!

The Dragonflies list is getting longer, with the first Broad Scarlet Crocothemis erythraea for the spring seen around the reedbeds. I forgot to mention the Wandering Gliders Pantala flavescens and Red Veined Darters  Sympetrum fonscolombii seen around for two weeks or so.  

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