Friday, May 20

Breaking news

Yesterday morning I was reported about a putative Grey Hypocolius at kibutz Samar, north of Eilat, found by Eran Sadan, a local birdwatcher. The same day, Itai, Juan and I failed to relocate the bird. Later that afternoon, Idit and Shachar, came from central Israel to look after the bird and successfully found and photographed the female type bird!
A major twitch was held today, but unfortunately I didn't have the option of going…hopefully tomorrow I will try to get to Samar . meanwhile, some nice photos are found on the Tapuz birding forum-
Grey Hypocolius is an extremely rare vagrant in Israel, with the present bird being probably the 9th record, if accepted. Congrats to the finder and to the tenacious twitchers who approved the identification!

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