Wednesday, January 1

New year - new birds

Happy New Year to all!

I've started this morning (not too early), driving around the Arava en-route to a meeting in Lotan.

4-5 Long-eared Owls were a great surprise. Despite being a regular winter bird in the Arava, it is always a great feeling to bump into a more surprised face than yours (I presume they feel the same though...)  

With the wind of change I decided to check again Yotveta fields as well as some less commonly visited fields north of Yotveta.

In Yotveta, the only worth mention birds were a Black Stork and this Desert Wheatear, but Shachar report of two Richard's Pipit as well.
Grofit was quite empty except for a single Spectacled Warbler in a dry wadi and this nice Mourning Wheatear
And in Samar, an Asian Desert Warbler was another good species to start the year.

hope for a great year to come,

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