Sunday, November 20

Red-flanked Bluetail

I am not a big twicher, thus would not drive too far a way for a bird, but wait until I have a good opportunity and try my luck. Nevertheless, there are some species which remain itching ... 
I've been waiting for this bird since 1996 when it was first seen in Israel and at the time I was too far, working in Sde- boker. When I travelled to Russia and China it was one of the most wanted and still never found one. So around noon, when I received a call from Shay Kabessa where am I? and how come I am not here at the Eilat cemetery? I was a bit shocked and than noticed that while I was being a good host to my family who came to visit from Kenya, James Smith and his group have found the 2nd ever Rf Bluetail in my "backyard" and a message was waiting for me since 09:00 a.m. I decided that this time I have to go, it is only 15 min' from my house...

Thanks to James and his group who found the bird and to Shay who checked on me, I have great views of this little jem that I've been long waiting for and even a fair record shot. 
Avi Meir (our home photographer), was already at the site together with Limor and by the time I've left, there were already 2 other birders coming from the north. In the evening after having Yoav, Uri and Meidad stopping for a rest and a shower before they drive back north, I received this top end photo from Avi!

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