Thursday, April 7

Rainy day, Dream away

on Teusday , another "rainy" day at Eilat brought us more good birds.

 At the ringing station an additional Wood warbler
and this 2nd cy male Masked Shrike. It seems that this species is present in very small numbers this spring…

A (the?) Black Bush Robin is seen around the park, and today Shachar found another bird at the southern date palm plantations. The first Rufus Bush Robins are around. For the finish trio it was a lifer!

I had a nice afternoon at the North beach, together with Shachar, Barak and the volunteers team. We had a rather close views of Sooty Shearwater, 2 Arctic Skuas, a few terns ducks and herons.
On the 3.4, we were birding around Shachamon park. The place wasn't very attractive, but as we reached the lower area of the park, we spotted a ringed Reed Warbler !

Closer looks made us think it is not an Israeli ring, and indeed, Teun managed to grab a photo of the ring which shows clearly that this is a Radolftzel, Germany ring!

Thanks Teun for the photos!
We couldn't read the whole number, and sent the photo to Yosef of the IBRC, who will try to get something about this ring's history…I will update you whenever we know something new.
A rainy weekend is rolling up north, who knows what may pop up down here?

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