Monday, March 10

A northern visitor

In a place like Eilat & southern Arava region, which has an annual average rainfall of 22 mm, to get 10-15 mm in a single evening mean that everything is under water.
That was the case over the last hours and now it is sunny again with temp' around the 22 deg' centigrade.

I've checked this morning the few places I could approach and found that Bimaculated Larks around Yotveta have risen to 7 now (still  very far though) and had Booted Eagle except for the regular things that we've had in my last visit on Thursday. 
Hoopoe Lark was singing from the Jordanian side on the dunes and it is probably looking for a mate already.  

At K20, a Red-breasted Merganser was a great find by Rune Palmqvist from Denmark and later on, a report of Kurdish Wheatear was coming from Thomas Krumenacker of Germany not to be found again yet...
Red-breasted Merganser by Yael Shiff 
Red-breasted Merganser by Yael Shiff

A short visit to Holland Park produced a nice collection of Sylvia's including few Ruppell's & Lesser Whitethroats as well as singles of each Subalpine, Cyprus, Whitethroat and few Balkan Warblers as well.

Alpine Swifts were moving in very big swarms and altogether some 150 were counted in half an hour together with Common & Pallid Swifts.

Tomorrow ought to be a great day once all the migrants will be coming in, after being blocked for 2 days.

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