Friday, July 12

Nearly Autumn

It is mid July and the daily average temp' is around 35-37 deg' with daily max' temp raising to 40-42 (and sometime even higher up to 45-47). The nights are short with average temp of 27-29 with daily min' temp of 22-24 deg and yet, another Summer is going to come to its end soon and Autumn is already starting its swing...

Many juv' birds can be seen almost any where with local specials like this Little Green Bee-eater
Thick-billed Lark fledglings were seen and photographed around K20 by Shachar Shalev last Sat'

and as one comes to K20 the feeling is that the ponds are filled with juv' Black-winged Stilt and Kentish Plovers (which are finalising their 3rd brood for the season) 

While Greater Flamingo's are dancing 
and others are coming from afar (like this Turkish T/DCP).

At Yotveta, the Pharaoh Eagle Owl is present again
and Namaqua Doves can be seen almost daily in various places
A White Stork  was spotted this evening by the torch resting on a tree, I wonder if it is
one of the lingering ones we had during the summer or a new bird which have travelled from the north?!
Yesterday I've bumped into this 2nd Cal Sooty Falcon (a morph which I haven't seen too often before). Most of the birds are already on their territories and it won't be too long before we start seeing them displaying.

At the IBRCE ringing station the first Eastern Orphean Warblers are seen together with the returning Eastern Olivacous Warblers and the cheerful Rufus Bush Robins.

At North Beach we have great views of Striated Heron and groups of Little & Common Terns. Up to 8 Bridled Terns, 2-6 White-cheeked Terns, 1-3 Sooty Shearwaters are seen daily now from the coast.

Despite being still around mid July, I can really smell the Autumn in the air and hope to have more reports coming soon...

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