Thursday, February 23

Sociable Plover or Hoopoe Lark?!

Another day at the IBRCE produced a good number of Chiffchafs and more Savi's WarblerSteppe Eagles were moving in lower numbers today (or because the wind has reduced, they all went higher in the sky?!). Dead-sea Sparrows are becoming exceptionally beautiful at this time of the year and it is a real treat to handle them.

Towards the end of the morning ringing session, I was joined by Rune from Denmark who has been birding the country for the last 5 weeks and has 2 more to go...

Yesterday we both enjoyed the great stream of Steppe Eagles and today we were planing to try and find the Sociable Plover which was found yesterday by David Schoneveld at Yotveta fields. This was a Life bird to Rune and I was very happy to help him find it.

It didn't take us long before we found the bird, exactly at the same spot it was reported yesterday by David and also earlier this morning by Liron Ziv. It is such a privilege to see this species in its breeding plumage and enjoy these very close encounters.

 On our way back towards Eilat, we decided to check few more spots along the Southern Arava and not surprisingly, we found very few birds moving around in the heat of the day. Note worthy was a possible Buff-bellied Pipit among the many Water Pipits which we saw in a very bad light condition and without the scope at Elifaz Sewage.

But, as we drove around Samar Dunes, we stumbled upon a pair of Hoopoe Larks a species which was one of Rune top desires. Another Life bird!

When we headed back home, we had a group of Dorcas Gazelles around Ein Evrona and  I was wondering to myself, which species is more 'sexy' to open this post and couldn't decide. Any ideas?  

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