Tuesday, September 13

Vultures Conservation

Between the 18-22 September, the Israel Ornithological Centre (IOC) together with the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) and the Israeli Electric Corporation (IEC) have organised an International Conference and workshop on the Conservation of Vultures in Israel. I will be attending some parts of this workshop and will update on it when I'm back.

Mean while, I would like to get you all into the subject of Vulture Conservation using this great video which was produced as part of the International Vulture Awareness Day in Kenya, a country I have strong affiliation with after living there for 4.5 years (and travelling frequently up and down since 1997).

I think that this is one of the most important conservation issues in Kenya and surely that it is also affecting the birds which migrate into our side of the globe like Egyptian Vultures.  

Numbers of Egyptian Vultures in Israel have fallen down over the last 20 years very drastically, and it is believed to be partly due to their wintering grounds situation.
Griffon Vultures colonies in Israel have shown a very steep decline due to many reasons but one of the most important, is poisoning of cattle as part of breeders battles on grazing land...

Surely I will have much more to say on the subject after the workshop. Mean while, I will be happy if you will distribute this video and also send your comments on the subject.

On the birding front, migrants are coming through. The most interesting one is a beautiful male Ruppell's Warbler which was jumping next to the ringing station at the IBRCE. Re'a got some record shots which I'm sure will come later... and a group of 4 Rose-coloured Starlings flying east towards the Aqaba Bird Observatory 

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