Wednesday, July 27

Bits and pieaces...

Summer around Eilat is very hot with temperatures during most days reaching 40-43 deg' and cooling down around midnight (26-30 deg') for few hours. Most of our birding is around North Beach, K20 Salt ponds and the IBRCE pond. 
During the last few weeks, we witnessed the first arrivals of migrating waders, mainly Redshanks, Green, Common and Wood Sandpipers and also Ruffs. Many Kentish Plovers  and Black-winged Stilts with many fledglings around can be seen along the salt ponds edges. Also around are at least 14 Caspian Terns and few hundreds Slender-billed Gulls. The local Barbary Falcons and breeding Sooty Falcons and Egyptian Vultures are seen infrequently around K20 and in the mountains as well as few pairs of Hooded Wheatears together with Desert and Bar-tailed Larks.

At N. beach there are still at least 11 Cory's Shearwaters together with few Bridled Terns and groups of Common and Little Terns as well as White-eyed Gulls, Mangrove and Western Reef Herons. And yesterday, we had 3 White-cheeked Terns flying very close. 

This Friday, i will join Avi to the sea. This time of year is very good for vagrants and we will surely keep an open eye for these and hopefully we will be able to present some good photos (Avis's not mine...)

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  1. Quite an interesting ringing session.I kinda like the Western Rock Nuthatch. We do not have that down here. The rest, like the Namaqua Dove is plentiful down here.Incredible images. Thanx for sharing.