Thursday, June 23

Migration or just post breeding dispersal?

I had some free time this morning, so i went to check what is new on the N. beach and at K20.

at the beach there was not much going on, but still an adult Sandwich Tern and a 1st summer White-cheeked Tern are always nice to see.
there was a note worthy movement of Pallid Swifts over the southern date plantations and one bird which was a shade darker and was flying very slow made me think of the unlikely possibility for a Forbes-Watson's Swift Apus berliozi  (dream on....)

at the IBRCE pond there is a beautiful Red-necked Phalarope

later at K20, it was filled with chicks of both Black-winged Stilt and Kentish Plovers. it is interesting to note that there seems to be a second round of very small chicks for Kentish Plovers which are also running around now on the edges. possible migrants are also present with 3 Grey Herons Little Stints and a single Common Redshank. what are they doing here? which way are they heading? are just some of the interesting questions that are still open.

but the most bizarre observation was of a juv Cream-coloured Courser that was running on the muddy edges just like any other wader.

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